Executive Explorer

Unleash the potential of Microsoft Dynamics 365/AX

Identify areas for optimization and improve productivity by analyzing user behavior

Make the most of process mining by using advanced ML algorithms to provide unique insights into processes and behaviors that allow for radical improvements in performance.

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Data-Driven Process Mining


bottlenecks and streamlining operations


what processes in your department are the heaviest


inefficiencies into saved resources

Mitigated Risks

Discover the risks in your business processes performed in Microsoft Dynamics 365/AX.

Improved ERP Operations

Significantly improve your ERP operations by identifying UX improvements, user performance issues, process optimization, and automation potential.

Reduced Costs

Radically improve operational margins by identifying and optimizing the most costly processes in your company.

What You Gain

See the complete picture of all your processes:

the answer

See the complete picture of all your processes:


Capture user behavior

Our Microsoft Dynamics 365/AX plugin collect every click and every action of ERP users and passes the entire data stream to the Big Data Analysis Engine


Apply ML & Big Data Analysis algorithms

The Big Data Analysis Engine uses our unique algorithms to automatically find processes suitable for reorganization and optimization


Display analysis results

The results of the analysis are presented in the web interface and in the form of advanced business analysis allowing to extract valuable conclusions

the product

Executive Explorer is the source of an objective truth about user actions in Microsoft Dynamics 365/AX

It collects information about clicks and other user actions in the system. While there are a number of process mining applications available on the market, only this solution offers full insight into user behavior.

This technology is unique on a global scale – it goes beyond logs and uses the collected data that allows you to have a bigger and more complete picture of user actions and the way they carry out their business processes.

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Big Data Analysis Engine

Cloud or on-premise implementation

Subscription model license


Executive Explorer from XPLUS

Get Executive Explorer with the support of our analytics team and a subscription to make sure your version is always up to date.

Is data driven, hence the output is objective and not based on theoretical assumptions but real processes as they happen.

Executive Explorer records and analyzes user behavior — the actual clicks and moves as opposed to other software that merely collects and analyzes logs.

Uses the XPLUS Big Data Analysis Engine with our unique algorithms

which automatically find processes suitable for reorganization and optimization.

Is tailor made and dedicated exclusively to Microsoft Dynamics.

Based on four years of R&D work and close liaison with Microsoft vs. other products which offer cross market solutions for ERP systems.


Where do you start?


High level view

Find out which Microsoft Dynamics AX/365 processes are the most expensive and inefficient.


Learn and understand your users

Find out why your users are ineffective and inefficient.


Streamline your processes and save resources

Our Microsoft Dynamics 365/AX plugin collect every click and every action of ERP users and passes the entire data stream to the Big Data Analysis Engine

Licensing FAQ

We offer licenses per number of recorded users.

You will be astonished how quickly and accurately you will be provided with very valuable business process analysis.

Tell us how many analysts you need to make transformation happen

and see how quickly the results of the implemented changes pay off.

Together with your subscription

you receive software that is tailored to your needs and is constantly being developed. With a subscription you always have the latest version.

Need more?

Get assistance from our team of consultants and analysts to make the transformation even smoother.

We are among the top 1% of Microsoft partners worldwide

Stuatuette award for XPLUS being in the top 1% of Microsoft Partners Worldwide

Business value as a goal

XPLUS is a two-time winner of the Inner Circle for Microsoft Business Applications award and has been selected four times as the Microsoft Dynamics 365 (ERP) Partner of the Year in Poland during the Microsoft ONE conference.

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We are proficient in solving complex tasks and challenges.

Our goal is an efficient response to business process needs. We will be happy to help your business. With Executive Explorer, you reduce overheads and increase the efficiency of Microsoft Dynamics A365/AX.

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